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How to clean ear wax home remedy

How to clean ear wax home remedy
Ear wax is a normal product of the ear which protects the skin of the ear from water and infection. For these reasons, many people choose to remove ear wax regularly at home. The Best Way to Clean Out Ear Wax If earwax builds up, stay away from the cotton swabs! Here's how to clean your ears more safely in procedures

Most cases of ear wax blockage can be treated at home. The following can be used to soften wax in the ear:
Baby oil
Commercial drops
Mineral oil

Another method is to wash out the wax.
Use body-temperature water (cooler or warmer water may cause brief but severe dizziness or vertigo).
Hold your head upright and straighten the ear canal by holding the outside ear and gently pulling upward.
Use a syringe (you can buy one at the store) to gently direct a small stream of water against the ear canal wall next to the wax plug.
Tip your head to allow the water to drain. You may need to repeat irrigation several times. face treatments

To avoid damaging your ear or causing an infection:
Never irrigate the ear if the eardrum may have a hole in it.
Do not irrigate the ear with a jet irrigator designed for cleaning teeth (such as a WaterPik).

After the wax is removed, dry the ear thoroughly. You may use a few drops of alcohol in the ear or a hair dryer set on low to help dry the ear.

You may clean the outer ear canal by using a cloth or paper tissue wrapped around your finger. Mineral oil can be used to moisturize the ear and prevent the wax from drying.
Do not clean your ears too often or too hard. Ear wax also helps protect your ears.
Never try to clean the ear by putting any object, such as a Q-tip, into the ear canal.

If you cannot remove the wax plug or you have discomfort, consult a health care provider, who may remove the wax by:
Repeating the irrigation attempts
Suctioning the ear canal
Using a small device called a curette
Using a microscope to help next How to clean the ear wax at home


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